Tuition fees in Canada

Tuition Fees for Studying in Canada: A Comprehensive Overview

The tuition fees in Canadian universities range from $12,000 to $20,000 Canadian dollars per academic year and vary depending on the level of education and the location of the university. In large urban universities such as the University of Toronto, tuition fees are usually higher than in smaller universities and remote areas. Some universities offer financial aid programs to help international students with the cost of tuition.

The tuition fee for studying in Canada ranges from approximately 12,000 to 20,000 Canadian dollars, which is slightly higher for undergraduate programs. Below are some examples of tuition fees at Canadian universities.

U. of British Columbia $19,720

University of Toronto $19,522

University of Waterloo $18,070

University of Calgary $17,881

Queen’s University $16,690

University of Victoria $15,823

Simon Fraser University $15,610

University of King’s College $15,600

Université d’Ottawa $15,482

Ryerson University $15,250

U. of Western Ontario $15,100

McGill University $14,965

Carleton University $14,786

Wilfrid Laurier University $14,582

University of Alberta $14,560

York University $14,498

Mount Allison University $14,440

Dalhousie University $14,290

Trent University $14,030

École Polytechnique $13,786

Brock University $13,702

Université de Montréal $13,600

Lakehead University $13,500

St. Francis Xavier U. $13410

NSCAD $13,124

McMaster University $13,071

U. of New Brunswick $12,491

U. of Saskatchewan $12,482

Université Laurentienne $12,455

University of Windsor $12,380

Cape Breton University $12,320

Concordia University $12,070

Université Laval $12,066

Nipissing University $12,000

Mount Saint Vincent U. $11,845

University of Lethbridge $11,370

University of Northern BC $10,814

University of Guelph $10,730

University of Regina $10,024

Memorial University $9,800

University of PEI $9,740

University of Manitoba $9,514

Brandon University $6,763

University of Winnipeg $4,994

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