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Amin Pardaz International, leveraging its experienced consultants, offers specialized services in the field of educational admissions in Canada. Free consultation is provided regarding the selection of the best university and major suited to your conditions, capabilities, and interests.

Amin Pardaz International's Educational Admission Services in Canada:

Amin Pardaz International, with its experienced team of consultants in university admissions, offers special services for applicants seeking educational admission in Canada. Our consultants, by carefully examining your conditions, capabilities, and interests, will recommend the best university and field of study for continuing your education in Canada.

Our educational admission services in Canada include:

  • Specialized and free consultation for selecting the appropriate university and field of study.
  • Evaluation of admission requirements and university tuition fees.
  • Coordination with the desired university and obtaining preliminary admission.
  • Preparation and organization of all necessary documents.
  • Certified translation of educational documents.
  • Submission of documents to the university and necessary follow-ups for final admission.

By utilizing Amin Pardaz International's services, the process of admission and obtaining a study visa will be easily and quickly accomplished. Our specialized consultation will accompany you throughout all stages.

For a free consultation, contact us at +1 (467) 8869642 or through our website. Amin Pardaz International consultants are always ready to assist you.


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