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Comprehensive US Student Visa Services | Amin Pardaz International
Amin Pardaz International offers complete services for obtaining US student visas, including consultation, document preparation, application submission, and continuous support throughout your educational journey in the USA.

At Amin Pardaz International, we provide comprehensive services for obtaining a US student visa. Our services include consultation, document preparation, application submission, and visa acceptance tracking.

Student Visa Consultation

Our team comprises skilled consultants specializing in US student visas. They meticulously understand the visa acceptance conditions and requirements, offering professional guidance.

Document Preparation

To acquire a student visa, necessary documents must be prepared. Collaborating with you, we meticulously and professionally prepare the required documents.

Application Submission

Your student visa application is submitted to the relevant authorities upon document preparation. Our team diligently follows up on these stages and informs you of the results.

Continuous Monitoring

Following application submission, we continuously monitor the status of your visa acceptance. This includes tracking emails, contacting relevant authorities, and providing updates.

Guidance for Next Steps

After obtaining the visa, we guide you through the subsequent steps, such as ticket procurement and acceptance at your educational institution.

Ongoing Support

Our team continues to support you after obtaining the visa, assisting you at every stage of your educational journey in the USA.

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